2 Week Update

After 2 weeks I’ve lost 22 lbs! I feel better and think I’m in a better mood.  I’ve really enjoyed trying some new recipes. All from Sandyskitchen.com I’ve never tried spaghetti before. I had it last night and it was great. I’ll try more recipes with it soon. 2 things I need o work on: Excercise and maybe preparing some meals in advance to freeze to make some busy nights easier without cheating.


Week one

My first week of medifast is complete.  I did pretty good. I’m not going to weigh myself yet. I have a long way to go and don’t want to discourage myself. I feel the difference and that’s enough for now. Had a a dull headache after the first day. I’m not sure the cause of it but it sounds common. Food tastes good. I look forward to my lean and green meal though. I feel like I can breathe better, walk further and get winded less. This week I’ll try to add exercise to my routine.

And we’re off

I received my medifast package in the mail yesterday and got started on it this morning. I chose a Dutch chocolate shake as my first meal. Not horrible tasting and satisfied  me. 3 hours later I’m  definitely ready for something else. I’ll choose a bar this time.
Remembering that I had to go to the gym to use the industrial scale to weigh myself, better keep me motivated.

Thoughts about being big

I’m starting this journey as a 500 lb man.. That sentence required two periods and a pause on my part. I don’t think I ever wrote it down before. It’s kind of shocking.  I don’t see myself as a fat person. Maybe that’s part of my problem. I’ve always been large even when I was little. I don’t feel like I over eat that much but a seditary lifestyle and not eating regular meals I think has caused my body to think it’s starving. Today I only ate one regular sized meal all day.

Some things about being fat that you may have never realized. I am usually the largest person in any room in walk into. I feel like all eyes are looking at my and judging me. I feel like they think I’m stupid and weak willed. I am neither in my opinion.  I worry a lot about whether or not I’ll fit in a chair at restaurants. I wait longer at that restaurant because I can’t fit in a booth and have to wait for a table.  Finding clothes that fit are hard to find and usually expensive.  Finding a 6x shirt so your belly doesn’t hang out the bottom usually has 6x arms and I’m not built that way.

Getting Started

Well, I did it! After years of wanting to try it, I made my first Medifast order. So in the process of making some changes in my life, I thought I’d try to write a few thoughts down. I dont know if i want to share my inner thoughts with people or if ill just be doing this for myself. If you run across this I┬áhope you find it helpful. I’m not a writer so mistakes are guaranteed.